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Version 1.20 of EasyWin - Some features:

  • Full-featured implementation of the principal "first input, then revise"
  • Chinese character to word, Chinese to Pinyin and Chinese to German lookups for reading and writing Chinese.
  • Special registeration conditions for students
  • Chinese or German menu and messages

General descriptions: A multi-windowed word processor to read, write and print out GB Chinese text under DOS. Supports CGA/EGA/VGA/SVGA/HGC/CGA400 graphics cards and mouse. SAA look and feeling. Sentence oriented input based on pinyin. Multi-columned printouts possible. Different character attributes (bold, italics etc.) can be displayed and printed out. Auto-save function. Unregistered version can be used as a Chinese text viewer.

To install:Extract the files in EW120BIN.ZIP to a DOS subdirectory (f.i. C:\EWINS) and the files in EW110HAN.ZIP in its subdirectory HAN (C:\EWINS\HAN). The programm called INSTALL.EXE (German version: INSTALLD.EXE) is now ready to start for an automatical installation. Or copy the entire data into A:\ and A:\HAN of an 1.2 or 1.44 disc (without the Zipped files) to install the program elsewhere.

Symbol: eine Seite EW120BIN.ZIP
Symbol: eine Seite EW120HAN.ZIP
Prof. Dr. Bo Hu
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